Perth DIY Wedding tips

Are You Creating Your Own Wedding? Here are some DIY Wedding Tips.

A DIY wedding can be extremely elegant and lots of fun. By sourcing your own hire products you can create the theme and feel you desire. 

A DIY wedding is perfect for weddings at home in Parks, Beaches and Gardens. We have outlined a few things to remember when creating your own wedding event. 

DIY Quick list

  1. Remember to Plan - make a list of the things that are essential. Also make a list of little extras. Create a schedule and work to it.
  2. Budget - Set a clear budget for the different parts of your day.
  3. Consider your entrance and seating area. How many guests will you have? What type of ground will chairs be placed on? Will the event be help at one place? This will determine what type of seating is required. Perth Wedding Hire Services recommends the Americana Deck Chair as they are portable and stable. For a romantic and classic choice you could consider the Tiffany Chair.
  4. Source pictures in magazines and online. Create your own mood board.
  5. Decide on the theme on your wedding. Work out your colours, whether you want traditional, modern or casual.
  6. Check out online resources. Pinterest is a great source for images of wedding events and ideas. 
  7. Be Realistic. Don’t go over the top. Often a few iconic items or wedding accessories will stand out. You don’t need everything as it will start to get  cluttered.
  8. Use gumtree and newspaper classifieds to source independent suppliers. Also browse Perth Wedding Hire services website.
  9. Share the workload - Invite your friends to help set things up, ask advice on decorations and clothing. Try and find a family member or friend you can trust to give their opinion. 
  10. Remember to have fun and not get too stressed.

Perth Wedding Hire services can help with many items for your wedding day. All you need to do is select the items you like the look of from our website and we will arrange transportation of items and set up.

Perth Wedding Hire services will work closely together with you to help create your perfect wedding. Contact us today