Perth Wedding Trends 2015

The 2015/ 2016 Wedding season is now upon us. The new season brings with is some great new trends which we would be pleased to assist you with. 

Traditional Weddings are back  with a rustic twist -  Perth couples are wanting to make their weddings feel unique. They are using added accessories such as white picket fences, wooden signs, bird cages, antique easels/ lecterns as well as wishing wells as decorative elements to their special day.

Lighting is now popular at most events - If you wedding has an evening function then the Festoon Lighting is a perfect way to add ambience and a vintage of glow. Perth Wedding Hire services are one of the only companies to offer this product which is so popular now in the US and UK and celebrity events and gatherings.

Chairs - More and more couples are choosing to get married at a wide range of locations and the choice of chairs can an important factor when matching with the surroundings. Our Tiffany Chairs are extremely popular for weddings that have a traditional or classic feel.  While our American Deck Chairs are selected at many Outdoor events. The Americana Deck chair is easily folded and transportable. The appearance provides a Hamptons feel.

Umbrellas - The Umbrella Is Back. One of the most overlooked things about having a Perth Wedding is the importance of shade. Our wedding umbrellas can quickly be set up and moved. They are extremely decorative and look great within wedding photos. The white can match most wedding themes.