Pinterest is one of the largest online sources of wedding images and decorating idea's. People from all over the world have created boards of inspirational images for you to scroll through and get your creative juices flowing.

You’re having an outdoor cocktail wedding reception in Perth, and you need to hire all of the equipment. How do you know what you’ll need? How do you know what styles will create the look you’ve envisioned for your wedding day? It’s important to know the styles and hire the right chairs and tables so that you don’t need to spend a fortune covering ugly furniture with lovely linens!

A wedding wishing well is often used as a donation box where guests can donate a gift of money. This is becoming increasingly popular with couples getting married and a recent survey showed that 60% of weddings have a donation box, wishing well or ornate box where friends and family can leave a little something for the couple.

A couple often will use money donated towards a honeymoon or setting up a new home. As a rule of thumb the guys should contribute the amount they would send on a regular wedding gift. 

Wishing wells are also used for guests to provide thought of wisdom and advice, good faith wishes or poems and messages of congratulations.

Perth Wedding Hire Services has beautiful stylish white wedding wishing wells available to hire and will work closely together with you to help create your perfect wedding. Contact us today

Are You Creating Your Own Wedding? Here are some DIY Wedding Tips.

A DIY wedding can be extremely elegant and lots of fun. By sourcing your own hire products you can create the theme and feel you desire. 

A DIY wedding is perfect for weddings at home in Parks, Beaches and Gardens. We have outlined a few things to remember when creating your own wedding event. 

DIY Quick list

  1. Remember to Plan - make a list of the things that are essential. Also make a list of little extras. Create a schedule and work to it.
  2. Budget - Set a clear budget for the different parts of your day.
  3. Consider your entrance and seating area. How many guests will you have? What type of ground will chairs be placed on? Will the event be help at one place? This will determine what type of seating is required. Perth Wedding Hire Services recommends the Americana Deck Chair as they are portable and stable. For a romantic and classic choice you could consider the Tiffany Chair.
  4. Source pictures in magazines and online. Create your own mood board.
  5. Decide on the theme on your wedding. Work out your colours, whether you want traditional, modern or casual.
  6. Check out online resources. Pinterest is a great source for images of wedding events and ideas. 
  7. Be Realistic. Don’t go over the top. Often a few iconic items or wedding accessories will stand out. You don’t need everything as it will start to get  cluttered.
  8. Use gumtree and newspaper classifieds to source independent suppliers. Also browse Perth Wedding Hire services website.
  9. Share the workload - Invite your friends to help set things up, ask advice on decorations and clothing. Try and find a family member or friend you can trust to give their opinion. 
  10. Remember to have fun and not get too stressed.

Perth Wedding Hire services can help with many items for your wedding day. All you need to do is select the items you like the look of from our website and we will arrange transportation of items and set up.

Perth Wedding Hire services will work closely together with you to help create your perfect wedding. Contact us today

Perth is a magnificent place to celebrate a summer wedding. We have some of the best weather on the planet and we are located in the State that enjoys the most sunshine. When planning and preparing for a wedding there are so many options and if you are putting together your own reception there are a wide range of products that you can hire for both indoors and outdoors.

We have put together a list of some of our most fabulous products for you to hire for your summer wedding.

1. Umbrellas - If you are planning an outside wedding or reception in Perth it is important that you and your wedding party are protected from the sun. We have a range of attractive market umbrellas that will keep you and your guests shaded.

2. Wedding Tables & Chairs - There are a wide range of chair and table options available to hire. Depending on your theme and location will make a big influence on what you should choose for your wedding. 

3. White Picket Fence - These items are perfect for a summer wedding and look great on lawns, gardens or green spaces. Ideal for wedding pictures they provide a Hampton style. They can also be used to section off areas of your wedding such as dance floors or seating areas.

4. Our Wishing wells are that perfect little extra. Make your wishes come true. Make resolutions, ask your guests to write their dreams and make good luck. The wishing wells make an attractive feature.

5. Birdcages, Easels, Vases and Sheppard Crooks are popular decorations for a Perth summer wedding. The can be used to provide character and a feeling of tradition and craftsmanship.

6. Eskys - Lets face it we all want a cold drink at a wedding (Especially on a hot summers day or night). Perth Wedding Hire Services offer esky’s to hire. They are available in a wide range of sizes. This is an essential item that should not be overlooked. We can also bring ice if needed.

7. Dance Floors - Groove like its 1999! Our portable dance floors are available in a wide range of sizes and are perfect for outside use.

8. Wedding Arches - These are perfect to have your vows under or can make a beautiful entranceway to your wedding aisle or reception.

Perth Wedding Hire services will work closely together with you to help create your perfect summer wedding setting. Contact us today

The 2015/ 2016 Wedding season is now upon us. The new season brings with is some great new trends which we would be pleased to assist you with. 

Traditional Weddings are back  with a rustic twist -  Perth couples are wanting to make their weddings feel unique. They are using added accessories such as white picket fences, wooden signs, bird cages, antique easels/ lecterns as well as wishing wells as decorative elements to their special day.

The Americans sure know how to do style! Just think New York chic or Miami art deco and you know they're onto a good thing. So if you're in the market for designing an American-style wedding that oozes glamour and good times, then look no further than to Perth Wedding Hire Services for all your wedding accessory needs. 

As experts in all areas of weddings, leave it to them to help you make this a wedding like no other. Start off with Americana deck chairs that are modern, elegant and suitable for the ceremony and/or reception. And no American-style wedding is complete without the red carpet. A movie star red carpet runner can add that touch of glamour to your entry and at the same time serve a practical function by helping to protect dresses and suits from dirt. 

To add a touch of American romance, place Kissing Balls (also known as pomnaders) around the bridal entrance. Essentially, they are flower-covered balls (white roses work a treat) that are suspended by a looped ribbon and can hang throughout the wedding ceremony and reception area. 

And of course, lights can work magic in creating an elegant atmosphere to the reception and evening celebrations after the ceremony. Perth Wedding Hire Services are of the only hire companies in Perth to carry festoon lighting and it's a must-have for an American-style wedding. These stylish string lights add sophistication to outdoor and indoor areas and provide the perfect soft glow backdrop for dancing the night away.  

Your wedding − just like any other out-of-this-world occasion in life − needs to take into account the myriad of small details in order for it to be a success. And to create this magic ultimate wedding experience, it's incredibly important to be organised to a tee so that you have thought of everything, and that way you can relax once the big day finally arrives. 

Style and class mean everything when it comes to weddings and it's essential that you stay on trend when you're in wedding planning mode. To help you get inspired, why not consider Perth Wedding Hire Services? This innovative, family-run business prides itself as an expert in making wedding dreams come true through providing a wide variety of wedding essentials. From carpet runners and chair and table hire, all the way to the fine details such as wishing wells for wedding cards, lanterns, easels and delicious candy court lolly buffets, you are certain to be amazed at the selection of wedding accessories available. For that added touch of class, hire out festoon light for creating that wedding afterglow. These unique string lights are certainly an attractive way to add to the atmosphere as the wedding celebrations move into the evening. 

And lastly, to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, Perth Wedding Hire Services will deliver and set up your chosen items. This ensures all the fine details are in place and are arranged in a stunning fashion to ensure your wedding day is magic and unforgettable.

The Tiffany chair design originated in Italy. The chair is a popular choice for weddings and events. This because of it's elegant appearance and that it's light weight. The chairs can be easily stacked. 

The chair is a popular choice by celebrities and royal families for their wedding days. The Tiffany chair was also the chair of choice for the inauguration of the president Barak Obama.

If you are looking to hire a chairs for your next event that look stylish and are extremely practical and comfortable then the Tiffany chair is a great choice.

We are pleased to offer some of the best prices on chair hire. We have plenty of Tiffany Chairs to hire. We can deliver anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan area.